With these pack recieve a mix of Flatbacks, Chatons, Fancy Shapes and Specialty Shapes


You have a choice of 4 sized packs







When you purchase any of the Mystery Packs you can also purchase a bottle of Atelier Total Gel at half price. 


The thick consistancy of this gel allows the crystals to say in place until your clients next visit.

Apply one coat of the Atelier Total Gel, apply your crystals, cure for 60 seconds and you are good to go.  No need to wipe off tacky residue, no need to go around each crystal with another coat of gel - perfect consistency and allows time to place your crystals exactly where you need them to be before curing.  Cures to a high shine and because it is a tempered gel it is very resistant to scratching.

Swarovski Crystal Mystery Packs

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