Storing plated Jewellery

Avoid storing your jewellery in moist environments, like your bathroom. It is best to store them in dry and shady places like a drawer, or a jewellery box where they are not exposed to the open air or moisture as these can cause the jewellery to change color (oxidation), darken or fade out. Storing them correctly will lengthen their life span and assure your jewellery lasts longer. It is also important to keep them separate from each other, to avoid any scratching or tangling.


Wearing plated Jewellery

If you intend on wearing a gold plated ring without removing it, it is best to buy a really good plated ring so that it does not fade, as plating finishes may wear off by direct contact with the skin for a prolonged time. It is also best not to shower with plated rings and to make sure you buy the best quality available which you have just purchased. With earrings and necklaces, the plating wears off after a much longer time.


Keep in mind that designs created with gold plated metals require maintenance to keep them looking as good as new. A simple wipe down and avoiding contact with water and creams is more than enough.


Cleaning plated Jewellery

Plated jewellery is easy to clean, just rinse them in cool, lukewarm water and don't forget to dry them off when you are done. The shine may wear off after a while, if this happens, simply rub the jewellery with the tips of your fingers that are usually naturally oily, and shine them up. You can also use cotton wipes to make them shine brightly again.

Shiny silver plated jewellery can lose their bright white color and turn a little yellow in time, this is the nature of the silver metal simply by being influenced from oxygen.


A few tips for cleaning:

1. The right and simple way to deal with that, is use a cleaning product for silver. Here is one example for a cream that you apply with a cotton fabric and gently go over the surface of the element until it is shiny and clean again.
2. Cleaning product dose helps keep the nice silver color for a few more months, but it will not be as strong and durable as before.
3. Another option is to use the nickel metal plating which has a slightly grayer metallic color, but its shine and color will stay for a much longer time.



Many people have Nickel sensitivity, so try to avoid using products with nickel. This means that the plating is placed on top of copper or silver material and does not contain nickel. Women, who are allergic to nickel, will be able to wear the Nickel free plated items.

All our jewellery items are Nickel Free!!!

We hope this article helped you better understand platings in the fashion jewellery world.


Enjoy your beautiful items

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